20 August 2014

Everything you wanted to know about "Scanfest" is here on AnceStories, including simple and basic scanning procedures.  AnceStories also includes how to "chat" with other genealogists who are scanning! August Scanfest is on the 24th.  Here is some incentive to  
scan those 

14 August 2014

1923 Frontier Mine Disaster Anniversary

On Tuesday, 14 August 1923, 136 men reported to work in the Frontier Number One mine.  Ordinarily, 250 miners would have reported for work, but about 125 men took a holiday that day.[9]  At approximately 8:30 a.m., after the second trip car carried miners into the mine, a terrible explosion took place.  The town of Frontier knew something had happened from the dense smoke coming out of the large mine fans.  
Rest in Peace
In memory of the 99 men that were killed 17 August 1923
Frontier Mine No. 1

·  Roberts, Isaac, age 37 *
*(son of John Richard Roberts and Selina Parker 
and grandson of Hugh & Margaret Roberts)
·  Zumbrennen, John W., age 39