20 December 2014

Walking Where They Walked-RSFD 1929

Rock Springs Fire Department Photograph
Photo includes:  P.T. Tronquet, Mike Dankowski, J.F. Antwieler, *Isaac Roberts, *James H Roberts, Paul Cazin, Charles Manley, Walter Traver, Sam Ramsay, William McTee, Henry Heites, Gus Stavran, Andy Babinchak.

Photograph and identity of firemen, courtesy of  Rock Springs Historical Museum.

*James H. Roberts and Isaac Roberts are the sons of Isaac Roberts(10) and Janet Howie(16) and the grandsons of Hugh(1) and Margaret(2) Roberts.

15 December 2014


"Life does not consist mainly, 
or even largely, 
of facts and happenings. 
It consists mainly of the storm of thoughts 
that are forever blowing through one's mind."
-Mark Twain

13 December 2014

Walking Where They Walked--Fire Alarm System

Fire Alarm System
"A petition, in which Chief Joseph Iredale has greatly interested himself, will be presented tonight to the town council, calling their attention to the necessity of a fire alarm system for Rock Springs, and asking their favorable consideration thereof.  It carries with it the signatures of nearly all the business and responsible men in town, and asks that a sufficient appropriation be made in the annual bill to meet the necessary expense.
Evanston has a movement on foot of the same kind and in the line of improvements Rock Springs should act no laggard’s part.  As the Miner has often said before, dollars and cents should be of no consideration when needed by the fire department for its better equipment.  We hope the town council will give the advocates of a fire alarm system a favorable hearing and respond liberally."

 Rock Springs Miner, Fire Alarm Systems, 6 April 1892, page 4 Wyoming Newspaper Project online at:  http://newspapers.wyo.gov/

10 December 2014

08 December 2014


“As with any large online database, 
if you find your ancestors you think it is great. 
If you don't find your ancestors, 
you don't think it is worth much. 
But like everything in genealogy; 
the game is in the search.” 
---James Tanner, Genealogysstar.blogspot.com, posted 19 Aug 2014

06 December 2014

Today is. . .

National Miner's Day

In honor of our coal mining ancestors; we remember you today!
The hours you spent in the dark damp coal mines. . .
The dangers you encountered every day. . .
The fear you felt as you lost your co-workers. . .
The damage to your lungs. . .
The minor and yet painful injuries you suffered. . .
The physical strength it took you to do your job. . .
We honor you and what you have done for us--thank you Roberts coal miners.